Spiritual Guerrilla Warfare


Satan’s policy concerning spiritual warfare is one dominated by guerrilla tactics. Since his rebellion against Yahweh, his strategy has been subversion, and sabotage. Having served God, Satan knows he cannot overcome God with sweeping measures; in fact, he recognizes he cannot gain any meaningful triumph against the Creator of the Universe at all.

As a result, he assumes the role of a saboteur, targeting God’s creation rather than the Creator. He schemes to assassinate God’s character in the eyes of His creation and bring every work of His glory into question.

And, all too often, Satan drives those barbs of doubt deep into our hearts.

We’ve all experienced these misgivings when it comes to God’s character. Adam and Eve certainly experienced Satan’s guerrilla tactics in the Garden of Eden. He got Adam and Eve to participate in his rebellion, profaning God’s intentions toward man.

Satan’s goal is to get God’s people to become co-partners in his subversion, wittingly or unwittingly. He wants mangle God’s character before us, so that we deceive ourselves into believing that God is a liar, the Master Manipulator-in-the-sky.

That’s why he drives those barbs of doubt as deep as they will pierce. And since sin still remains, rebellion is still second nature to Christians, even though we are new creations in Christ. Oftentimes, instead of becoming more Christ-like, we become the saboteurs ourselves, questioning God’s righteousness, His motives and intentions.

Satan’s strategy of injecting callous skepticism is effective. It has us turn from a posture of humility and obedience to one of ever-present cynicism. Thus, the people of God find themselves reading the Bible with a unsettling voice that promotes a God who has hidden skeletons. We rebel against God and ask Him to explain His actions. When He does, we remain unsatisfied, locked in a posture of rebellion and an unwillingness to yield our hearts to Him.

Yielding one’s heart to God does not mean he must blindly charge forward against all reason. Rather, it is recognizing that Satan wants to spray graffiti over God’s infallible Word, a Word that He always keeps, the Word that is bracketed by His unblemished character.

Once we check our pride and rebellion, we can change our posture to one of loyalty, faith, and love. There’s no problem in asking God questions, but there is a problem when we disbelieve God before he even gives us the answer.

We all have doubts, but there are no doubts that the Spirit does not have the answer to. God’s Word is the answer to our doubts, because it is a narrative of human history, and the only narrative that accurately diagnoses our fallen nature.

Satan wants us to sully our own history, disregard our identity in Christ, and warp our view of God our Creator. When you feel yourself taking up this posture, just remember that these are guerrilla tactics—tactics meant to harm you, to distort the reality of God’s righteousness.

Don’t allow Satan the Saboteur to vandalize your view of God. He seeks to rob you of your precious faith, because when you stand firm, he cannot shake your loyalty.

Kevin Cochrane is a writer and college student. For updates on his latest blog posts here at restandrefuge.wordpress.com, you can follow him on Twitter @RunFree_KC, find him on Facebook, or click the follow button at the bottom of the page to receive notifications by email. Want to read more? Check him out at themajestysmen.com/author/kevincochrane, a friendship and mentoring community for Christian males (views on my blog at restandrefuge.wordpress.com are my own and do not necessarily represent those of The Majesty’s Men). To contact, email him at kevincochrane316@yahoo.com.



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