Post-Election Pondering


He certainly wasn’t my first choice, but in the end, long before I darkened the circles in my  absentee ballot, I knew he was my only choice in terms of preserving national security, religious liberty, and the supreme court. And now, one Donald J. Trump stands before the American people as the next President of the United States of America. Here are some thoughts…

Christians & Conservatives Alike Must Hold Him Accountable

I voted for Mr. Trump because Hilary Clinton posed a foreboding threat to free speech, religious liberty, and a host of other conservative principles. Since Mr. Trump has pulled off the upset, he must work together with conservatives, even the ones he has grievances with. He cannot toss fire and brimstone at any conservative who’s ever disagreed with him, because in the end, it’s about the conservative platform, not vain pride and power.

Neither his administration nor conservatives can solely rest in the fact that Mrs. Clinton was simply defeated. To win the ideological war, he must actually remain faithful to his prescribed policies and the GOP platform. Such is the maddening intrigue of Mr. Trump: he defies expectations yet maddens us with his unpredictability. It was this intrigue that exposed much of what conservatives have been saying about the political class and media for a while now—that they are out-of-touch and committed to a politically leftist status quo.

More importantly, his advisors in matters of faith and religious must hold Trump accountable for his policy prescriptions and promises. In addition, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and Senate must check him when it comes to honoring the conservative platform that he adopted.

As Christians, we can pray that Mr. Trump will approach his inauguration and beyond with humility and open ears—that he would surround himself with advisors who give him solid guidance when it comes to matters of national security, the economy, and social issues. We must pray fervently that he listens to this advice and honors the promises which caused so many to vote for him.

Even if you detest Mr. Trump, pray that God will bless him with wisdom and knowledge. He may not be your candidate, but this is still your nation. I can attest that my mother was faithful in praying for President Obama despite disagreeing with nearly every measure of policy he brought out.

In simple terms, just pray, and pray about the issues that most of us have been seeking to alter for the cause of conservatism and Christianity.

Christians, this doesn’t Change our Commission

The all-too-familiar spiritual decay in this nation still exists, and Christ’s blood is the only  detergent. There’s still a Gospel to be preached, and what better time than now to kick the tires of evangelism?

Many in this nation are confused and angry, wondering what happened to the America they loved. The Gospel offers the hope of eternal life and the commission to bring God’s will into fruition while we remain on earth.

Citizens need a leader, but mankind needs a Savior, and no politician can rival that. This is the time to engage in conversation.

A Reckoning of Righteous Indignation

In his book Righteous Indignation, journalist and political commentator Andrew Breitbart wrote about the collusion between the mainstream media and the Democratic party. This election affirmed that in spades.

The mainstream media had covered for Clinton’s unapologetic falsehood and corruption for so long, they began to lecture its viewers that Mrs. Clinton would won by a landslide. Looks like those polls were wrong, huh?

I almost shed a tear last night, because America steadfastly rejected the corruption in the media. It’s shame that, Breitbart, who died suddenly of a heart attack in 2012, was not there to see his thesis validated.

Final Thoughts

Christians, please don’t worship Trump. If we desire him to be a God-fearing leader, then we must check him when he violates conservative principles or Christian values.

A leader who is pandered to and protected by his voters is one that will sell them out in the end. I will continue to laud him when I think his policies are spot on and disagree when I see him miss the mark. He cannot be immune to criticism, because winning a war of ideology means that the standard bearer must actually adhere to the principles that caused people to vote for him. Therefore, he must fulfill that which he prophesied.

On the other hand, I am heartened by the fact that he has surrounded himself with men of faith, integrity, and conservative principles. May this be his redemptive course when it comes to policy, and may God grant him the grace to direct America back to conservative values

And Secretary Clinton, enjoy your retirement, for it has been long overdue. Justice always has a way of tapping one on the shoulder in the end and dragging one right as he stretches out for the finish line.

Above all, may we Christians be at the head of line for repentance, confessing our sins and furthering revival.

Kevin Cochrane is a 20 year-old writer with the distinct purpose of radically restoring everyone with exposed ears to the original testimony of Jesus Christ. For updates on his latest blog posts here at, you can follow him on Twitter @RunFree_KC, find me on Facebook under “Kevin Cochrane,” or click the follow button at the bottom of the page to receive notifications by email. Want to read more? Check him out at, a friendship and mentoring community for Christian males (views on my blog at are my own and do not necessarily represent those of The Majesty’s Men). To contact, email him at


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