Word, Deed, & the Faith that Leads

We need to take the Word of God more seriously. And by we I mean the body of Christ: I, you, and all the rest. Everyone from the pulpit on down must recover their faith in the veracity of the Scriptures during these days. The Holy Spirit didn’t divinely implant God’s word into Biblical authors in order for us treat it like a somewhat relevant motivational speech or a quaint allegory. Or is it our dirty little secret that we’ve been deceived into believing that we’ve got the Godhead all figured out? This lie is a cunning deception authored by Satan, and it’s his last will and testament that we follow this faulty road all the way to complete disconnection with our Savior.

You see, the Bible never gets old, because the Holy Spirit inside will make sure that the echoes of God’s power resonate for you from the canonical collection of ink. The Word has the fingerprints of God, the blood of Jesus Christ, and the breath of the Holy Spirit standing behind it. The essence of our Lord God and Father is contained within those pages and the hour has come where our faith must lead us to the trust that those words, no matter what our trials may be, apply to our lives and not just your pastor at the pulpit. The very reason that your pastor preaches the Word is because he/she has seen it invade their own lives and want you to experience the same.

There’s an influx of solid Christian literature on the market, yet we have forgotten that despite the powerful words of faithful men of God such as Chuck Pierce, Perry Stone, and Dutch Sheets, they can only escort us to the water. It’s our task to personally hear the Holy Spirit and drink the Word until we drain it. The paradox is that we can never drain the dregs of the Word! There is always more that the Holy Spirit desires to instruct us about the Father and Jesus, our High Priest.

We must not remain in this lethargy where we pick up a copy of Time to Defeat the Devil (by Chuck Pierce) or Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree (by Perry Stone) and just sit and smile at the principles and testimonies written within the book. Brother Pierce and Brother Stone don’t crank out book after book for you to just get warm and fuzzy feelings as a result of the reading! They write these books because they have listened to the Holy Spirit and have discovered Biblical truths that are part of the riches and glory of God’s grace. They became authors so that you can do the same, and stir up the wisdom that the Holy Spirit wants you to find within the Word.

The passages found in the 66 books of the Bible are alive, and we can’t just pull them off a dusty shelf like a book ever so often and think that’s okay. Far too often, we draw strength from the idea of ideals. How about we use the Holy Spirit once in a while to see some revelation and get some inclination to see the Word come true in our lives? The Holy Spirit is in the business of communicating the truths of the Father and Jesus Christ. He’s set up shop in your inner man and waiting for you to stop running around in the dark so that you can enter His presence.

We run around in the dark in quite a few instances, but the common core of the lot is this notion that salvation means that we get a free pass from having to seek and find the Word of the Lord. Jesus Christ didn’t hang upon a bloody tree and be marred beyond human recognition for you to use salvation as a credit card in order to cash in on your salvation and live your life in your own merry way. The Word of God is the radical truth that righteousness through faith gains us access into a relationship with the Creator of the universe. Since that’s true, we might want to begin thinking about sticking our noses into the Word just a bit more.

The delightful part of taking the Word seriously is applying the truths within your own life. The Holy Spirit guides us in shaping the narrative of our redemption and fulfilling the fullness of God’s grace. Your walk with God through the Holy Spirit is the well from which you draw your testimony. Just remember, the value of theological knowledge is found not in the amount of content but in the wisdom of application and experience. We must walk by 1 Corinthians 8:1which says, “knowledge puffs up while love builds up.”  God’s ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8), and the Holy Spirit is there to mentor you in how God’s love reveals His wisdom.

The Bible was not divinely inspired for you to merely gawk at the fact that miracles happen, speaking in tongues is real, and prophecies come true. You are called to be a part of it. The grand pursuit for Christians is to make the Holy Spirit their business partner, because with Him, you’ll being doing business in the realm of walking in God’s wisdom. The Bible assures us that if our business partner is the Holy Spirit, business will be swell. Don’t believe me? 1 Corinthians 2:10 declares it right in the fine print. If you listen closely, the Holy Spirit will have conferences with you and He is in the business of show and tell.

Kevin Cochrane is an nineteen year old writer  with the distinct purpose of radically restoring everyone with ears to hear to the original testimony of Jesus Christ. His mission is to live by the words he writes and develop his character along with the prose he pens. For updates on his latest blog posts, you can follow him on Twitter @RunFree_KC or click the follow button at the bottom of the page to receive notifications by email.


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