Why Abortion Breaks My Heart

Having recently celebrated a birthday and being a writer, I was reflecting on where I’ve been, what I come from, and where I’m going. Anytime I contemplate the value of human life, my stomach instigates a conditioned revolt, because inevitably, my thoughts turn to abortion. They are never blissful thoughts, because I can’t get rid of the image in my mind of another precious life choked off by the practice. My heart splits in two at the image, because I was a fetus at one time; we all were. However, my parents stuck with me, and I was permitted life because abortion was never a considered option. My mother and father already had one child, but they never had two kids before. That means they probably weren’t fully “ready” to have two kids in the sense of being fully prepared for all the responsibilities. They knew I was going to cry plentifully at inconvenient hours, slobber all over the place, and soil my diaper all the time, yet they didn’t whack me in the womb because they didn’t think they were “ready” for it. My parents knew that I was going to stake my claim to more of Daddy’s paycheck and require more chunks of Mommy’s time. But they still stuck with me. They didn’t know what all to expect with a new baby boy, but an uncertain future, extra responsibility, and a tighter strain on their wallets didn’t make my father and mother lose their love for the developing life inside of my mom’s womb. The uncertainties of parenting, the economic strain, and loss of more free time were all valid worries, but those were overruled by the respect for the value of an unborn child. That was my story, but the plot doesn’t run the same for the 53 million aborted children since Roe v. Wade.

Abortion has become a legitimate option now, and both pro-life and pro-choice lobbyists have dueled on the demarcation line about legal code, rights, and freedom of choice. The question I feel that doesn’t need a congressional review is, “How can we continue to ethically justify it?” Abortion is a sterile euphemism for killing, ending the life of a developing human life. It is taking a life away before the unborn child has the ability to even have a say in the matter. It seems to me that there is such clarity in this debate: Abortion is immoral, no matter the legal or rational justifications. It’s akin to medically inducing a miscarriage because for whatever reason, the life inside of the mother might somehow negatively affect life outside the womb.

Don’t take me for a fool. I understand why we have abortion. It’s a convenient method of reversing the God-ordained order of procreation. It allows would-be parents to reverse the process because they have more pressing concerns about how the baby’s presence will impact their future. The insanity of those last two sentences should disturb you, because that is accepted rhetoric in our society today. God have mercy on us for viewing an unborn child’s life with such callousness! We pray for peace in Gaza, but maybe we should also be praying for mothers to be at peace with the life inside their wombs. Parenting doesn’t begin when the baby is born, because there are choices that can be made before that twenty-one week cutoff closes in. The statistics show that many mothers are choosing to go to war on the child in the womb than allow it to enter the word.

To “terminate with extreme prejudice” is a military term that means to aggressively execute an intended target. A similar order has been given an estimated 53 million times by mothers in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade. Think I’m exaggerating? We turn our noses when gang violence steals the lives of innocent victims and when a policeman shoots an unarmed subject. What about the mass violence of slicing up a fetus or injecting it with feticidal drugs? That’s a one-way war that unborn lives have no sword or shield to pick up. Who is willing to pick up his sword and shield for the innocent lives whose blood has been shed? How long will we allow childbirth continue to be a lottery? It seems pretty deranged that a couple wields the power to end a child’s life in the womb simply because it might toughen their circumstances.  Homicide only seems to be justified if it is in self-defense or within the rules of engagement during times of war. Can someone please inform me when unborn children declared war on their mothers and fathers? Why do we continue to kill to create solutions?

The clever answer to these pressing questions is that “an unborn child isn’t considered a citizen until it’s outside the womb, therefore, it has no protections from the Constitution.” Since unborn children aren’t citizens and didn’t break any laws yet, what code did they break to get themselves killed? Was it simply that they were concepted at the wrong place at the wrong time? Vivacious pro-choicers seem to forget that one needs to have life before moving on to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is not a cause that abortion apologists would want to bleed their own blood on, because that would mean that their moms could have ended their own lives before they even began. For the pro-choice sect, having the power to choose between life and death is only righteous when it’s in their hands.

When one wipes off the rhetoric, all that’s really left is another life gone because of the fear for the future. Abortion is a loss of hope, because the parents feel they are not ready, don’t have the money for support, want to pursue careers, are victims of rape or incest, etc. My question is, “Does killing the unborn child solve any of these problems in the long term? Does abortion pay your debts, get the promotion, or erase the trauma and abuse?” I don’t think shedding innocent blood ever relieved anyone’s conscience. When I look at my Father’s heart in heaven, I see a tenderness towards these unborn children that crushes any anxieties about parental preparedness, economics, freedom, or trauma. God will take care of those worries if you cast them upon him, but stealing away the life that He knitted together is not the way to find healing.

These words are not a condemnation of those who have had an abortion; this is an indictment against stopping short of God’s standards, our merciless view towards the dignity of human life, and the schemes of Satan to destroy the family unit once and for all. God’s love will change a man or woman’s perspective, and I cannot sit still when innocent children are sent back to God with an abortion clinic’s receipt. There is a more perfect freedom found in God’s law of liberty rather than our Libertarian right to choose. Abortion has shown us that sex is not as free and easy as we though it was, yet there is a hope for us in Christ’s blood. That means Jesus can redeem anyone: from the director of Planned Parenthood to the single mom that got dropped off at the clinic by her boyfriend, no one is exempt or disqualified from salvation through Jesus Christ. Healing is found in the streaks of Jesus’ blood on the cross. Until the pro-choicers become respecters of unborn life, it is my call to give those 53 million children a voice. One may ask, “Kevin, why is it your battle?” I was a fetus at one point as well, and I cherish the life I have been allowed to live; I think a few unborn children who are being weighed in the balance would like their lives too. So mom and dad, thanks for sticking with me, for these words flow because your car ride was to the hospital instead of the abortion clinic.

P.S. If any of you don’t think a fetus is a baby, then take a look at one before it’s chopped up by Planned Parenthood like diced celery for research. Doesn’t that look like a baby to you? If your pocketbook means more to you than human lives, just remember that your tax money funds this as well. Don’t be a silent participant.

Kevin Cochrane is a nineteen year old writer and blogger with the distinct purpose of radically restoring everyone with ears to hear to the original testimony of Jesus Christ. His mission is to live by the words he writes and develop his character along with the prose he pens. For updates on his latest blog posts, you can follow him on Twitter @RunFree_KC or click the follow button at the bottom of the page to receive notifications by email.


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