Talking About Transformation: A Christian Writer’s Manifesto

“What Can I Even Offer?” This is the type of question that a prospective writer must answer before he/she attempts to build an outlet. With a plethora of blogs that seemingly clog internet traffic, there is no room for regurgitation of ideas. In a society consumed by instant information, readers are making their choices by the scandalous nature of the headlines rather than the quality of the writing. The message behind the script has taken a backseat to the mere accumulation of knowledge, and that’s why many wonder, “Are we even better off for all the information we are being saturated by?” If you are wearied by the bombardment of worthless information, burdened by the brittle nature of the world around you, and are looking for peace amidst the chaos, you’ve come to a blog that is intended to show you where peace can be found. The source of stillness is centered around God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Whether you’re a new or seasoned believer, the goal for you is to glean some thoughtful information that can lead to a continued transformation. If you aren’t a believer at all, there’s equal space for you too. You don’t have to believe to read, but my hope is that these writings touch your heart and lead you to both the eternal life and healing that Jesus Christ purchased for you on the cross. Whether you’re a follower or skeptic, you have one thing in common with me and everyone else in the world: we all fall short of the glory of God and sin both consistently and oftentimes…purposely. This is a place of honor, so every reader is welcome to read, no matter what the beliefs are. Now let’s get to some ground rules…

What You Should Know

  • This will be a blog that focuses on Biblical Christianity, so every reader should keep that in mind. You could possibly believe the exact opposite of what I’m writing, but that does not mean I intend to discriminate against your beliefs. I’m writing about matters of faith, so I don’t intend to offend.
  • Disagreement does not equal discrimination— I may think that some ideas, beliefs, or opinions are wrong, but I do not hate anyone for the convictions they have. I may respectfully disagree with someone, but that in no way means I’m against the person.
  • I base my doctrine on the Bible and the scriptures, which shouldn’t need addressing, but many professing Christians and churches have deviated from this obvious requirement.
  • I believe that the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob is the one and only God. The previous phrase is plagiarized by many militant extremists from numerous other faiths, so I can understand why people will view the phrase with skepticism and treat it with a tired frustration. Don’t get me wrong, there are other “gods” that compete for your faith, but I believe that God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit comprise the Godhead and are the ultimate, supreme authority. However, my writing is not geared towards forcing my faith upon someone else. The choice is the reader’s, but I know where I stand.
  • I believe that there is only one way to heaven, and that’s through Jesus Christ. Salvation comes from having faith that his death on the cross saved us from our sins, and his resurrection sealed eternal life for all who confess Him to be their savior. It comes through believing in your spirit and asking the Holy Spirit to dwell in your “inner man” (Romans 10:9). This statement will most likely infuriate everyone else who has an opposite belief or believes in multiple roads, but pluralism in paths to heaven is not scripturally based.
  • There is a heaven and there is a hell.
  • God still heals today because His son Jesus Christ took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses (Isaiah 53:4 & Matthew 8:17).
  • God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).
  • The Holy Spirit is what makes the Word of God sharper than a double-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). Without the Holy Spirit, the Bible will seem as just another nice sounding book. The Holy Spirit makes it tangible and life-changing.
  • God loves everyone more than the logical mind can comprehend. He loves you even if you don’t believe. However, he offers salvation to all who believe and follow him faithfully to the end. That means that He desperately wants everyone to have a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. He doesn’t love anyone more or less, but those who believe with Him are guaranteed to both understand and experience His love in a deeper way than those who don’t. For example, it’s difficult to realize that someone loves you if you don’t ever take the time to cultivate a relationship.
  • The core principles that I write about are not based on faith in myself or my own attributes. What I proclaim out in the open is based on the words of my God, who has saved me by grace.
  • I am a young writer, an 18 year-old-writer, to be exact. My young age and imperfection guarantees that I will make mistakes. They’ll be there, but just like in everyday life, I will learn from them and make a change.
  • I can’t convey this enough: I am not the judge and jury. I condemn none, because that’s not my place. I will point out things that are not in accordance with what God sets before us, but I am not here to enact vengeance on any human.
  • I am not exempt from committing the same sins that I point out. I’m a sinner saved by grace, and I still fail miserably, so don’t think I sit upon an imaginary throne that is above reproach.

What You Will Find

  • Readers will find posts about everyday Christian life, doctrine, and Biblical history.
  • Much of what I write about is battle tested and often is based on personal experience.
  • I will comment and give my analysis on current events, cultural topics, and all the controversy that the world wants answers to.
  • For your enjoyment, You might even find some short fictional stories that contain Biblical themes.

  Why I Write

  • I don’t write just for the purpose of giving people access to information. I’m about transformation, and the works I produce are meant to produce meaningful thought.
  • I desire that my words help nudge others toward restoration to God’s original purpose in their lives. My writing is a signpost on the road, and it’s meant to get your attention so that more importantly, God Himself can produce a change within you.
  • I’m a human just like anyone else, so I can’t change anyone else, but what I can do is hopefully help them trigger it so the Holy Spirit can do His work.

Parting Words

  • I’m not about being a detached academic who never comes out of the shadows. I want to deal in God’s tangible restoration. The time has come for Christians to take the academic knowledge they have accumulated and allow the Holy Spirit to use it to plant the seeds of wisdom within. The days are over when we talk about the Lord in a “theoretical” way. It’s time to build the bridge between “I think so” and “I know so.” That comes with allowing the Holy Spirit to get to work within you and for you to roll your sleeves up. What has been spoken and put on pen and paper must be practiced in real life.
  • I’m not responsible for anyone’s faith. Each man or woman has that responsibility. I’m here to encourage and exhort, and what I say is not the final doctrine. Everyone needs to exercise discernment. I’m here to wave a banner for God, and if you find your way to Him, all the glory to Him.
  • I strive to take readers to the waters, but I can’t make them drink.
  • This is not a place for strife, hatred, or legalism.
  • Every reader is welcome; come as you are.
  • Religion involves the traditions and organization, but the relationship with God the Father is what trumps tradition. I’m about the relationship, and the religion is there so that we can stay on the same page.
  • Welcome to the Resting Place and if you read this far…thanks for your time! Stay ready for the serious articles coming down the line.

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