God Needs Survivors, Not Superstars

It’s tempting to become a Monday morning quarterback when reading about the Apostle Peter. He gets a bad rap in sermons and Bible studies—the motor-mouth, the braggart, the guy everyone dismisses with a condescending pat on the back because he’s self-sabotaged once again. There’s no doubt Peter’s tragedies convolute his triumphs, but before we shake … More God Needs Survivors, Not Superstars

What We Forget about Stephen’s Martyrdom

Stephen is a beloved character to me, not solely because he testified to the Gospel without self-censorship before the Sanhedrin and forgive his killers as they stoned him—but that his steadfastness manifested from the beginning of his story. When rehashing Stephen’s life, it’s only natural to focus on his testimony before the Sanhedrin and martyrdom, … More What We Forget about Stephen’s Martyrdom

Battered, Not Broken

We try to trivialize our pain around other Christians, hedging it off in Christianese language, telling our friends and family that we’re “going through a wilderness season.” There’s plenty of other metaphors I could use, such as “walking through the storm,” but I’ll spare the rest. I think we downgrade our admissions of torment, because … More Battered, Not Broken

The Confusion about Unlocking Your Christian Destiny

Spend any amount of time in church, and you will most likely be told that God has ordained a specific mission for your life so that you might bring praise to His kingdom. In addition, your pastor might touch on God’s decision to equip us with spiritual gifts, which are God’s supernatural equipment for us … More The Confusion about Unlocking Your Christian Destiny

The Real Swamp that Needs Draining: A Nation’s Heart

President-elect Trump’s late-campaign slogan became, “drain the swamp,” which referenced his desire to rid Washington of the perennial in-house corruption that has become a D.C. tradition. Having also promised Americans peace and prosperity, the President Elect is pitching us a vision of power and riches for the people once again. If America is to be … More The Real Swamp that Needs Draining: A Nation’s Heart

Post-Election Pondering

He certainly wasn’t my first choice, but in the end, long before I darkened the circles in my  absentee ballot, I knew he was my only choice in terms of preserving national security, religious liberty, and the supreme court. And now, one Donald J. Trump stands before the American people as the next President of … More Post-Election Pondering